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Discover the fascinating world of the scientific study of Mind and Human behavior!

Mental Power is an educational organization compromised with the development of the self-actualization of the individual, scientific study and knowledge of human behavior, and the promotion of the understanding Mind-Body-Society relationship.

Today's Topic
You will have the opportunity to study different topics about the Mind-Body-Society relationship every week.

Topics From Our Guests

Professionals, professors, and students on the behavioral sciences field can communicate their researches, lectures, reports, and articles in our section “ TOPICS FROM OUR GUESTS”.

(1)  CD-ROM interactive. (2) Educational reports. (3) Educational material and support to professors, general public, and students of psychology. (4) Seminars, Workshops, and Tutoring on human behavior and Mind-Body relationship.

Psychology and Life CD-ROM:
Psychology and Life: Psychology and Life. Mind-Body-Society is an interactive CD-ROM for those who are interested on Mind and Human Behavior.

CD-ROM: Content
You have the opportunity to see all the chapters and subchapters of our CD-ROM interactive, version 2.0. This version covers all the aspects of the human behavior study.  

CD-ROM Outline

CD-ROM: Outline Topics: Our outline presents all the specific topics discussed in our CD-ROM interactive. The 16 chapters are completely illustrated with photos, graphs, and keynotes to facilitate the comprehension of fundamental concepts of human behavior.  


Mental Power offers multimodal educational services.


Mental Power offers seminars, tutoring, pedagogical help and technical support to those who buy our products.